The Joint Council for Qualifications, also known as JCQ, is the body that governs Edexcel and OCR which is responsible for the exam series for our GCSE and A-Level students.

At ESK we have three exam series:  Cambridge Re-take Examinations are held in November, Edexcel International Exams are held in January, and all exam boards- Cambridge, Edexcel, and OCR- are held in May and June.  Below is a list of dates when students will receive their results for the respective exam:

Results information:

Cambridge – November 2018

A Level results: 10th January

IGCSE results: 17th January

Edexcel – January 2019

IGCSE and IAL results: 7th March

Summer 2019

All Cambridge results: 13th August

Edexcel & OCR A-Level and Project results: 15th August

Edexcel & OCR GCSE/IGCSE results: 22nd August

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