Academic Structure

    We understand that investing in your child’s future is a crucial step in his or her development. ESK has a hunger to innovate and create a trusting environment for our future leaders to strive in. A focus on academic performance is vital, as well as developing and identifying passions in a range of talents through extra-curricular offerings. The ESK family environment is fostered by the Pastoral Care for Day and Boarding students through all staff members. With small class sizes, students have more one-on-one time with teachers and create a trust that allows students to tackle life challenges.

    Academic Structure

    The ESK Primary School covers the early developmental and formative years from age 2 to 11.  The primary school consists of three stages:

    Foundation Stage (Pre-Nursey, Nursery and Reception Classes)

    Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2 Classes)

    Key Stage 2 (Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 Classes)

    The UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is taught in our Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception, and the start of Year 1 classes.  This is a vital developmental stage for your child which lays the foundation for all his/her future learning.

    Children gain these foundation experiences at ESK through playing and exploring, while being guided on their learning journey by experienced teachers.  Becoming confident learners who are inquisitive and independent is a priority.

    Through the Foundation Stage curriculum our children learn skills, acquire new knowledge and demonstrate their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development: Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematical Development, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design, Physical Development, and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.


    In Key Stage 1, we strive to create a welcoming, caring, learning community where relationships are based on mutual respect, enabling our younger learners to feel safe, valued, happy and able to succeed.   As the children progress into Key Stage 2 they are encouraged to develop their independence and self-study skills.

    We follow the Cambridge International Primary curriculum to teach English and science.  Mathematics is taught using the pioneering mastery system through the scheme of ‘Maths No Problem’.  Other subjects including Computing, History, Geography, Religious Education, Physical Education, Art, Drama, Music and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) are taught using the skills-based UK National Curriculum objectives and are delivered through Creative Topic work.  These Creative Topics change every half-term and they are designed to enthuse and excite the children while learning.  For each Topic, we organise special events and trips that make them ‘come to life’ for the children.

    There are many events during the school year for our primary children to look forward to.  These include Topic WOW days, performances and shows, visiting theatre groups, school trips and overnight residentials.  There are also whole school events such as Children’s Day, World Book Day, Sport’s Day, Science Week and International Day.

    The ESK Values help the children to understand their importance when contributing to society both locally and globally in a positive and forward thinking manner.  We actively promote issues such as recycling, caring for wildlife and supporting those who may not be as fortunate as ourselves.

    Our Primary School Council, which comprises of children from Years 2 through to 6, help to make whole-school decisions and are able to pass on recommendations from their peers ensuring that all children in the school have a voice.