IGCSE Results 2019

IGCSE Results 2019

ESK is excited to announce another exceptional IGCSE Results Day. The Year 11 cohort displayed a great amount of hard work, and with support from their teachers, were awarded incredible results.

ESK A*, A Average: 51.7% (30.6% A*, and 21.1% A). This is a 15% growth of A* and A from the 2018 ESK cohort. In comparison, the UK National for 2019 IGCSE Results is 20.7% A* and A; ESK is over 30% above the UK National Average.

ESK A*, A Average: 51.7% UK A*, A Average: 20.7%

We would like to congratulate the following students for their exceptional attainment for receiving over an 8 out of 9: Emre 8.4 average of 10 GCSEs, Yasmin 8.39 average of 9 GCSEs, Deniz 8.10 average of 10 GCSEs, Hana 8.06 average of 9 GCSEs, and Ilhan 8.05 average of 10 GCSEs. An honourable mention to the students that received above a 7 out of 9: Serin, Jacob, Can, Onur, Ece, Cansu, Sengul, Adam, Safak, Elay, and Cisem.

With continued exceptional results, ESK students view A* and A results as attainable and challenge themselves to reach their goals. Students begin thinking about universities the first year of their IGCSEs, and with remarkable results, support and work ethic, they have their sights set on top universities across the world. Congratulations to all! #exceptionalesk #igcseresults


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