Exceptional Academic Performance Award

Exceptional Academic Performance Award

#We are extremely proud of the Class of 2019 graduates for their hard work and dedication in their studies, and extra-curricular activities. Today, we were overjoyed to present our Exceptional Academic Performance Award winners, Tareq, Aida, Koray I, Olgun, Azra, and Ekin Su, with their awards.

A-level graduates produced stunning results: 
Tareq received £1000 by obtaining an A* in Chemistry, A* in Mathematics, A* in Biology, and an A* in EPQ. 
Aida received £500 by obtaining an A* in Chemistry, an A* in Biology, and an A* in Mathematics. 
Koray received £250 by obtaining an A* in Psychology, A* in Biology, and an A in Mathematics. 
Olgun also received £250 by obtaining an A* in Biology, an A* in Turkish, an A in Chemistry, and an A in Mathematics.

IB Diploma results were released on Friday 5th July. We are very pleased to announce the exceptional results from Class of 2019 graduates Azra and Ekin Su. Azra has received a score of 44, and Ekin Su received a score of 43 for their IB Diploma; the highest score a student can receive from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is 45. Based on last years results, our students are placed in the top 2.3% of 163,173 students across the globe

We wish all of our graduates the best of luck as they prepare to go to university in the UK and Spain within the next few weeks. Congratulations for such outstanding results! 9


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