The British High Commissioner’s Annual Reception

The English School of Kyrenia Secondary Music Students were exclusively invited to perform during the British High Commissioner’s Annual Reception at Shakespeare House.
We are extremely honoured to have been a part of this wonderful event and grateful for the appreciative and inspiring words shared with our students and teachers by the High Commissioner Mr Stephen Lillie, CMG and numerous distinguished guests including President Mustafa Akıncı. Throughout the reception the very talented group of students represented ESK with poise and professionalism, performing a beautiful medley of classical music and some enchanting pieces by more contemporary artists.  A very special thanks to our students Can Sakkaoglu, Kayra Guryel, Sesil Anil, Peri Sualp, Doga Sahir, Derin Akay, Kaan Akbicak, Nehir Dincer, Berke Emerce, Berk Yildirim, Zeynep Todd, Adem Kader, Alp Orgun, Azra Say-Otun, and Firat Metin; and an extra special thanks to teacher’s Desi Ahmet and Suleyman Akosman.

The full program is listed below:
Doga- Turkish March By Mozart
Doga- Liber Tango
Doga- Tango 2
Can- Invention By Bach
Can- Sonatina By Benda
Can- Sonatine By Beethoven
Sesil- Concert No. 5 in D F. Seitz
Firat- Nocturne in C# by Chopin
Derin- Sonata in D 1st mvt By Mozart
Nehir, Sesil, Derin and Kaan- Canon in D By Pacelbel
Kaan Derin- Yesterday
Azra- Prelude in E By Skryabin
Azra- Gnoissienne By Satie
Azra- The Family By Richter
Alp- Senjougahara Tore By Satoru Kosaki
Peri Sualp- Colours Of The Wind
Peri Sualp- Feed The Birds
Berke and Berk- The Loner By Gary Moore
Zeynep and Berke- The Scientist By Coldplay
Zeynep and Berke- Skinny Love By Birdie
Zeynep Berke and Alp – Tears in Heaven By Eric Clapton
Derin, Adem, Berke- Stairway To Heaven By Pink Floyd
Kayra, Berke, Derin, Nehir, Sesil Kaan- Imagine
Adem, Derin- Wish You Were Here


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