Secondary School

Upper Secondary Badminton Tournament

The ESK Upper Secondary Badminton Team took to the courts for a tournament in Nicosia. There was talent, skill and passion left on the courts from match to match, and sportsmanship displayed by the ESK Lions to all of their opponents.

Congratulations to the Girls who finished 3rd, and the Boys who finished 2nd, and to all of the players for representing ESK with pride and honourableness

Secondary Judo Tournament

Congratulations to Year 8 student Kezban Dosi and Year 11 student Onur Dosi for placing 1st at the Ministry Judo Tournament.

Kezban and Onur represented ESK with a tremendous display of sportsmanship and pride. They have both qualified for the National Judo Tournament in Turkey and will be representing the TRNC and ESK. What an accomplishment!

A Tribute at Atatürk’s Mausoleum

A stunning and unique experience was truly once in a lifetime for students and teachers as they visited Atatürk’s Mausoleum and Museum at Anitkabir. The distinctive formal ceremony which all students participated in will remain ingrained in their memories for long to come, as will the warmness of leaving their mark on such a monumental day.

Arabian Nights Ticket Sales Donated

The English School of Kyrenia donated all ticket sales profits from the Secondary Production ‘Arabian Nights’ to Kuzey Kibris Turk Kizilayi. We are very pleased to say we are donating 6,145 TL.

International Badminton Tournament

We would like to congratulate everyone who participated and was involved with ESK’s first International tournament. It was a fantastic tournament of intense badminton matches, and friendships being formed. The ESK badminton team did very well- the ESK boys finished first after a nail-biting final, and the ESK girls came second losing a hard-fought match by only two points! Well done, team.

Ozan Karaca Wins Bursary for Earning Highest UMS Points

Earlier this week the Ministry of Education announced the award of bursaries for Turkish Cypriots who graduated from A-Level programmes in 2018 based on the UMS points of the top 10 achievers. Congratulations to Class of 2018 ESK graduate Ozan Karaca who received 1694 UMS points, placing him first on the island! This is a wonderful accomplishment and comes as no surprise as Ozan had received four A*’s (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics). Ozan is currently in the UK attending the renowned UCL.

We are very proud and wish Ozan continued success in his academic career.

Colonel John Hughes-Wilson Donates Original Manuscript

Colonel John Hughes-Wilson, a notable author who worked for British Intelligence through a long military career, visited our campus on Tuesday.  He spoke with Sixth Form students on how the First World War advanced technologies that we use today, and spoke briefly about the Ottoman Empire.  Students were intrigued and shared stories they heard from their grandparents, and great-grandparents.  As an author of 20 books on intelligence history, and military history, Colonel John Hughes-Wilson has also generously donated original manuscripts of his works to add to our ever-growing library.  We have formed the Hughes-Wilson Collection which we will hold open to scholars to access on these themes.  It is a distinct honour to have such a prestigious, and original scholarly collection in the ESK library.

The British High Commissioner’s Annual Reception

The English School of Kyrenia Secondary Music Students were exclusively invited to perform during the British High Commissioner’s Annual Reception at Shakespeare House.
We are extremely honoured to have been a part of this wonderful event and grateful for the appreciative and inspiring words shared with our students and teachers by the High Commissioner Mr Stephen Lillie, CMG and numerous distinguished guests including President Mustafa Akıncı. Throughout the reception the very talented group of students represented ESK with poise and professionalism, performing a beautiful medley of classical music and some enchanting pieces by more contemporary artists.  A very special thanks to our students Can Sakkaoglu, Kayra Guryel, Sesil Anil, Peri Sualp, Doga Sahir, Derin Akay, Kaan Akbicak, Nehir Dincer, Berke Emerce, Berk Yildirim, Zeynep Todd, Adem Kader, Alp Orgun, Azra Say-Otun, and Firat Metin; and an extra special thanks to teacher’s Desi Ahmet and Suleyman Akosman.

The full program is listed below:
Doga- Turkish March By Mozart
Doga- Liber Tango
Doga- Tango 2
Can- Invention By Bach
Can- Sonatina By Benda
Can- Sonatine By Beethoven
Sesil- Concert No. 5 in D F. Seitz
Firat- Nocturne in C# by Chopin
Derin- Sonata in D 1st mvt By Mozart
Nehir, Sesil, Derin and Kaan- Canon in D By Pacelbel
Kaan Derin- Yesterday
Azra- Prelude in E By Skryabin
Azra- Gnoissienne By Satie
Azra- The Family By Richter
Alp- Senjougahara Tore By Satoru Kosaki
Peri Sualp- Colours Of The Wind
Peri Sualp- Feed The Birds
Berke and Berk- The Loner By Gary Moore
Zeynep and Berke- The Scientist By Coldplay
Zeynep and Berke- Skinny Love By Birdie
Zeynep Berke and Alp – Tears in Heaven By Eric Clapton
Derin, Adem, Berke- Stairway To Heaven By Pink Floyd
Kayra, Berke, Derin, Nehir, Sesil Kaan- Imagine
Adem, Derin- Wish You Were Here

ESK Featured as the Cover Story of International School Magazine

The English School of Kyrenia has been featured on the cover of International School Magazine.  The magazine is distributed across international schools in the 157 countries.

The cover photo is from the Model United Nations (MUN) that was held at our school.  The article written by Principal Hector MacDonald is titled ‘On the legacy of conflict’.  The article highlights the school’s conscious effort to unify communities, including hosting MUN which brings together and represents 33 different nations.

“Perhaps through our own openness to listen to young people and their families we might be re-expressing the absorbing comment of the thirteenth-century poet and mystic Rumi: ‘Yesterday I was so clever so I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.'”

To read the full article, please visit:


Ten Exceptional Years

The English School of Kyrenia opened in 2008, however, the story of ESK starts long before that.

On January 27th, 1964, Mr Hasan Nevzat, Fehim Nevzat’s Father, along with Mr Behzat Gursel and Mr Mahmut Islamoglu opened the first English School for Turkish Cypriots to ensure they received a high-quality education.  That school is open today and has been renamed Turk Maarif Koleji.

Once the plan to open an accredited school was implemented, finding land for the school was important and a very meticulous process.  In the end, the decision to build a school on the Bellapais land seemed like destiny.  The land belonged to Fehim Efendi, the grandfather of Fehim Nevzat.  In 1934 Fehim Efendi donated the land to a charitable foundation also know as Vakif.  Upon looking at the history of the land Fehim and Bilge Nevzat discovered the connection, and the decision became simple.  The land in Bellapais was the perfect space for their school.

As everything fell in place, ESK was ready to open in 2008 and for the first year, the school was located on Mustafa Cagatay Caddesi.  A year later The English School of Kyrenia moved to the permanent campus in Bellapais.  Since then, the campus has grown substantially with the addition of the Eco-Building and the Boarding House.

Today, founders Fehim and Bilge Nevzat claim they have 171 children and 958 grandchildren.  A family business carries a different meaning to them- they attribute the success of ESK to their advisors, staff, and the students.

The late Hasan Nevzat’s dream to begin a world-class school quickly became a reality we now call The English School of Kyrenia.  Dreams have come true with ESK graduates attending top Universities around the world including the University of Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Imperial, and Smith College (to name a few).

We look forward to see the accomplishments for the next hundred years.