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Pastoral Life


The individual care and development of each and every child is very important at ESK.  We ensure, through excellent teaching, a kind and nurturing environment, and the encouragement of individual talents and interests, that every child feels valued and a special part of the whole.  The importance of kindness, friendship and respect for others is developed through example and actions, where bad manners and hurtful behaviour towards others are not tolerated. 


The class teacher plays a key role in ensuring the general well-being and happiness of each child in her care, in all aspects of school life.  However, all staff play their part and the children know they can turn to any teacher if they have a problem or are unhappy.  The children are also encouraged to look out for each other too.


Assemblies are an important part of the school day, providing an opportunity for the children and staff to gather together as a community.  They usually comprise a story or discussion point.  As well as the important role they play in developing the children’s social, moral and cultural awareness, they also provide an important opportunity to celebrate achievement and effort, in work and behaviour.


All classes have a weekly Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) lesson.  These lessons form a key element of our Pastoral Care, developing the children’s listening skills and their confidence to talk about their own and others’ concerns and feelings.


To encourage the pursuit of excellence, whether in sport or within the academic and pastoral life of the school, each child from Year 1 onwards is assigned to one of four houses. The school houses’ names represent the heritage, history, nature and culture of Cyprus: Alasia, Caretta, Hilarion and Othello.


Children are given house points for acts of kindness, particularly good behaviour or notable academic or sporting achievement. They are highly motivated by this structure and quickly form an allegiance to their house.  As each house has members from Year 1 all the way through to Year 13, the system also encourages vertical integration within the school.  A sense of friendly fun and competition is evident as the house points are counted and the House Cup is awarded at the end of week Celebration Assembly.  The annual sports days in spring are a fun-filled day of inter-house competitive races, where children are cheered on by enthusiastic parents.



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