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ESK Summer 2017 Academic Results and University Placement

As we commence our tenth academic year preparing students for success it is stunning to record what has been achieved in such a short time since the founding of the school.



In the Primary Cambridge exams our averages stand in the very good region for both English and Science, and at the very top end of good in mathematics.


KS4 & KS5

Once again academic results in the Secondary Years showed record improvements leading to the best results in the school’s history!


KS4: GCSE & IGCSE Results

     - With regard to our GCSE and IGCSE results the proportion receiving A* and A grades increased to over 50%, ( 50.6%), up by 4.6% on last year, a proportion representing an increase in these top grades of 10%.

     - This reflects that our A* and A% is a full 2.4 x the UK National average.

     - Our A* through C% reached 91.2%, up by a difference of 3.2% on last year, again a 1.4 x difference with regard to the UK National average.

     - All GCSE and IGCSE averages stand above the UK National average.

     - UK government statistics indicate that there are 2,311 independent secondary schools in the UK, and these results place us in the top 0.9% of those schools in these results.

KS5: IBDP & A-Level Results

       - Our IBDP cohort further improved on last year’s results with an average of 33.4. This places ESK at 3.4 points above the global average.

       - On checking against the www.IB-schools.eu website this would place us about 6th in the UK amongst the smaller IBDP cohorts.

       - Two of our IBDP students who now attend Smith College in the USA and Victoria University in Canada, have received academic awards of $10,000 per annum or more.

        - Our A-Level results were superb with an A* and A percentage of of 49.25%. This would place us in the top 0.4% of independent secondary schools in the UK!


These results were a springboard for our university placement. Acceptances at universities world-wide include 2 into UCL (University College, London), 3 into Southampton, 2 into Kent, 2 into Surrey, Eindhoven (Holland), U Melbourne (Australia), Victoria U (Canada), Smith College (USA), 2 into UAL (University of Arts, London), Near East, Hull, and Falmouth to mention nearly all applicants, other than those applying to Medical Schools in Italy.  This translates into over 50% potentially entering Russell Group universities or their equivalent world-wide.  Students do at times make choices to take gap years, or postpone entry for a number of reasons, so precision in reporting these successes is quite difficult to achieve.


English School of Kyrenia, Confirmed University Placements 2017


Inst Name Course Placed
University College London (UCL), UK Natural Sciences
SOUTHAMPTON, UK International Foundation Programme
University College London (UCL), UK Engineering (Electronic and Electrical)
University of Pavia, Italy Medicine
SOUTHAMPTON, UK Biochemistry/BiomedicalSc/Pharmacology/Neuroscience with Foundation year (4 year)
KENT, UK Management
READING, UK Consumer Behaviour and Marketing with Placement Year
HARTPURY, UK Bioveterinary Science
SOUTHAMPTON, UK Mechanical Engineering with Foundation Year
PORTSMOUTH, UK Biochemistry
KENT, UK Marketing
HULL, UK Music
University of the Arts London Interior and Spatial Design
University of the Arts London Game Design
SURREY, UK Computer Science
Art Center College of Design, USA BFA Entertainment Design - Character Animation 
University of Victoria, Canada Computer Science with 10,000 CAD Scholarship
University of Melbourne, Australia Science
Smith College, USA Liberal Arts - Biology with Drama with full scholarship
Eindhoven University, Holland Computer Science



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