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90 Students From Across the Island Participated in the 4th Annual Junior Achievement Cyprus Bi-Communal Innovation Camp

On Friday 17th November Ms Suman and Ms Hajim accompanied 11 ESK business students to the annual Junior Achievement Bi-Communal Innovation camp, at the University of Nicosia supported by the US Embassy in Nicosia.


This competition is held annually and includes schools from across Cyprus. The Young Entrepreneur competition, run by JA Cyprus is a chance for young people from across Cyprus to work together and collaborate on Entrepreneurial ideas.


The students and teachers took a day from their half term break to attend the camp. It was an early start and a long day for everyone. However, the students were greeted warmly and given their group numbers on arrival to the camp. Staff instructions, at the event were clear, helpful and welcoming. An initial introductory speech was given by Elisa Bosio, the Innovation Camp Coordinator.  The students were given their task, which was: if you could start a business, what kind of innovative product, service or solution would you develop if you were a green entrepreneur. Students were given sufficient examples, support, material and resources in order to complete their challenge. I particularly liked how the JA Organisation focused on an area that developed students’ entrepreneurial skills, along with awareness to social responsibilities towards our environment. 


Students were then acquainted with their groups and shown to their rooms in which they worked together in teams and were fortunate to have advice from mentors from the business world. The students were given until 3:00pm to work together, come up with their idea and be ready to present to a panel of three judges. Out of the 19 groups, the final 6 groups were chosen. These 6 groups were asked to present their ideas again to a panel of 7 judges.


The six finalists were: Greener Grill, a solar panelled barbeque.  Stacked, a vertical farming initiative. The Positivity Agency, a public service organisation aimed at working with businesses to increase social responsibility in the community. C-Weed – An organisation that worked to make and export Sea Weed to other countries and in growing it, would have a positive environmental effect on the oceans. Feliser – A fertiliser made from food waste that was not harmful to the environment. The last finalist was a group called ECO- WASH – A car wash and cleaner business who had manufactured eco-friendly car wash soap that was to be used in car wash services. 


For the fourth consecutive year, all the winning  finalists were from ESK:

 3rd place, ECO-WASH,ESK student Ergül Andır.  Prize 50 Euros.

 2nd place, Greener Grill,  ESK student Alp Orgun. Prize 100 Euros.

1st place C-Weed, ESK student Daniel Todd. Prize is an all expenses trip to Europe for 5 days to attend a Europe JA event.


Students took away from this day many different skills and formed wonderful relationships with peers, teachers and the event organisers alike. I believe that the most important message that the students took away with them was the power of an idea. The idea that it only takes one person, with enough ambition and positivity to make a change; to not think of difficulties in terms of ‘problems’, but instead look to them as challenges that can be overcome; to think of failures as a chance to learn and move on to success. The JA participants left feeling tired, but satisfied that they had the power to influence. It was a wonderful way to end a restful half term. Well done to those who participated, and Ms Suman for organising such an incredibly fulfilling day.




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