School Medical

At The English School of Kyrenia we employ a full time qualified nurse known to the children as ‘Nurse Meryem’. She is on the premises during school hours and speaks both English and Turkish.  The school nurse is available to administer simple first aid and as a first point of contact for students who report they feel unwell, prior to them being sent home.


She will continue to follow the schools policy on unwell children in school. Children who are unwell will be sent home where they will be able to recover properly. We do not normally administer any medication in school, however there are some instances where we do administer medication if it has been prescribed by a doctor. Our school nurse will administer life preserving medication and in some instances other medication may be administered.


The school will administer the following:

Life-saving medication such as adrenalin epipens

Asthma inhalers

Antibiotics after the third day, providing the child is well

Medicine prescribed by a doctor

You should take your child’s medication to Nurse Meryem in the main building where she will discuss your child’s condition, the medication, doses etc. with you. If she feels that your child is well enough to cope with a day in school, she will then ensure that your child receives his/her medication. Please remember to collect the medication from the nurse at the end of the day.