A Home Away From Home

Our world-class boarding house is situated on the school campus and is able to house 44 young people and resident staff of high calibre.  The rooms are divided into two separate wings, one for girls and one for boys, and each room has a double vantage, with views of both the sea and beautiful mountains.  Every detail has been painstakingly thought through to maximise the quality of provision for our youngsters.


It is of crucial importance to us that our boarders really feel that they are within a home away from home, with excellent pastoral care surrounding them as they grow to be self-reliant.


Boarding students benefit from living together, and the Boarding School Association, BSA, notes that their students tend to show more self-confidence than their day-school counterparts as they embrace new challenges together.  We are modeling on the very best practice around the world, and have taken care to have good daily routines, including evening study sessions or prep, and a broad variety of weekend activities which will include sports, trips, and collective fun with quizzes, music, and the celebration of one another’s national festivals.


It is exciting to bring together talented young people from a variety of nations and cultures who will found friendships for life with their fellow boarding students as they study and prepare for excellent university or college placement.


A secure, calm and peaceful environment

When families visit Northern Cyprus whether on holiday or to work, they frequently comment on the friendly and adoptive nature of the island community.  Northern Cyprus is stable, dynamic, with excellent weather and a healthy diet and way of life.

Weekend activities

Our boarding provision has been designed using experience of great boarding schools from throughout the world.  We know that students need to have ultra-high quality trips and activities there for them at the weekend, and during the week have plenty of choice of activities.  When students have plenty to do they feel far less homesick while they are boarding.  We offer twelve major trips within Cyprus each year, to castles and historical sites, as well as cultural resources – we reap the benefits of living next to the sea with plenty of healthy activities.


  What does boarding give to young people?

One of the crucial elements great boarding experiences develop is self-confidence, and when boarders are polled after their experiences at school this is frequently cited as a definite advantage of having been a boarding student within a great school like ESK.