Ten Exceptional Years

The English School of Kyrenia opened in 2008, however, the story of ESK starts long before that.

On January 27th, 1964, Mr Hasan Nevzat, Fehim Nevzat’s Father, along with Mr Behzat Gursel and Mr Mahmut Islamoglu opened the first English School for Turkish Cypriots to ensure they received a high-quality education.  That school is open today and has been renamed Turk Maarif Koleji.

Once the plan to open an accredited school was implemented, finding land for the school was important and a very meticulous process.  In the end, the decision to build a school on the Bellapais land seemed like destiny.  The land belonged to Fehim Efendi, the grandfather of Fehim Nevzat.  In 1934 Fehim Efendi donated the land to a charitable foundation also know as Vakif.  Upon looking at the history of the land Fehim and Bilge Nevzat discovered the connection, and the decision became simple.  The land in Bellapais was the perfect space for their school.

As everything fell in place, ESK was ready to open in 2008 and for the first year, the school was located on Mustafa Cagatay Caddesi.  A year later The English School of Kyrenia moved to the permanent campus in Bellapais.  Since then, the campus has grown substantially with the addition of the Eco-Building and the Boarding House.

Today, founders Fehim and Bilge Nevzat claim they have 171 children and 958 grandchildren.  A family business carries a different meaning to them- they attribute the success of ESK to their advisors, staff, and the students.

The late Hasan Nevzat’s dream to begin a world-class school quickly became a reality we now call The English School of Kyrenia.  Dreams have come true with ESK graduates attending top Universities around the world including the University of Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Imperial, and Smith College (to name a few).

We look forward to see the accomplishments for the next hundred years.




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